Friday, June 3, 2011

Baking in the rain!

Today is a rainy day with thunder storms coming and going. It is a perfect day for some baking! I started off with my delicious carrot bread. As I was baking the rain just kept going and it was totally pouring down...I decided to bake some more and something my dear husband would like. I pulled out my recipe book and found the very common Swedish recipe for "Love Yummies" (kärleks mums), a very delicious chocolate cake with coffee and coconut flakes. I think almost every swede knows how to make it and has a recipe for it but I have the best recipe of all! I got it from my old co-worker and friend Julia. We used to work together in Sweden at Foreningen Tradet in Orebro. She and my other co-workers from there are all dearly missed, as i live far, far away from them!
Baking this cake makes me remember all the good and fun times (and sometimes hard) we had together! I miss you all! Wanna come over for a coffee break?

Bread dough is growing and the Chocolate cake is ready to be put in the oven.

"Love Yummie" is out of the step is the topping!

Carrot bread with sunflower kernels...ready to be eaten!

"Love Yummies" chocolate cake with coconut flakes!

This one is for you! ;-)
I will post the recipe later...


Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazingly delicious! I can almost taste them!

JuSa Idéer said...

Yummie, Yummie!
Mums, Mums!

Alicia said...

Baking on a rainy day is the best, especially when it is getting cold outside (unfortunately not now..haha).

The Merry Fox said...

Looks scrumptious! Will be back for more. Rhomy

Rut Linden said...

:) MUMS!