Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy fourth of July!

It is a warm day in Hawaii and I am waiting for my dear to wake up. He was working all night last night so he need to sleep in a little.
We are going to meet my hubby's Aunt today, who is visiting on Kauai. It is pretty exciting for both of us as my hubby haven't seen her in like 30 years or so...when he still was a little boy. I am very excited to meet one of my husbands relatives as I haven't met any of his family members yet, well actually I did meet one of his sisters for about five minutes at the airport last year, haha. We are hoping to be able to go to Florida soon and meet the day, one day! ;-)
Tomorrow is fourth of July....we haven't decided what to do yet so we will see....probably some fireworks somewhere!

Happy Fourth of July!


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sweetybird09 said...

That is great about meeting the family, God bless and have a good time!