Friday, March 18, 2011

WEIRD NEWS in Midweek...

This is what my husband read in Midweek, Kauai's free weekly newspaper, under the section Weird News:


"Every Dec. 24 in Sweden, at 3 pm., a third to a half of all swedes sit down to watch the same traditional; television program that has marked Christmas for the last 50 years: a line-up of historic Donal Duck cartoons. According to a December report on, the show is insinuated in the national psyche because it was the first big holiday program when Swedes began to acquire television sets in 1959. Entire families still watch together, repeating their favorite lines."

Haha, Swedes, we made it to Kauai's weird news....  ;-)

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Nina said...

YAY!!! Even if its weird its so true... =) What to say. We Swedes are a traditional people. The TV companies can´t take away any of the small shows only add some of the latest cartoons from the year that has past. We are singing and talking when we watch it. Its so fun. /Catarina Claesson