Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding and mine... ;-)

This morning I was curious to see Will & Kate's wedding and... off course...most importantly check out her dress!!! ;-) I found a video clip online and I was stunned...her dress is beautiful! So I watched the royal wedding for a while and that made me wanna watch our own wedding movie...not as fancy off  course, but since we are not royalty we could have our own style wedding, simple and relaxed on the beach.
I watched our wedding and again I was overwhelmed by the many blessings. My whole family and my best friend from Sweden came! It was such a joy to have them there! So many friends who helped us, my dress was given to me by a group of girl friends, I made my own bouquet and it actually turned out the way I wanted...haha! I got my wonderful husband!! It was just an amazing day! And I hope and pray Will & Kate will have as wonderful life as we do! May the Lord bless their marriage!

Here is a link to our wedding video if you would like to see it...and as I said, not royal style but real simple and relaxed beach wedding!

Ps. Check out the cute ring bearer...I'm glad we didn't have any rings on that pillow!! ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Photo-Christy Eriksson,


Mandy said...

Is that Bellows?

Beautiful dress, and great smile!

Strigl Design said...

Thank you! It's at Mokuleia Polofield...It was a beautiful and very windy day!